As part of the Your Cardiff series of blog posts, we ask people in the city what makes Cardiff great for them.

Libby made her way to Cardiff from Dunedin in New Zealand. Whilst the sports, Cardiff Bay, shopping and more bring specific crowds to Cardiff, Libby is here for something altogether different.

“I came to Cardiff because I’m a big Doctor Who fan.” she told us. “We’ve just visited the Doctor Who Experience and some amazing filming locations around the city.”

Cardiff is not only the home to Doctor Who, but has frequently starred in other TV shows and movies. Whether it is the Emmy-award winning Sherlock, a De Niro action flick or Brad Pitt landing here to avoid a zombie apocalypse, Cardiff does a great job of scene stealing on screen. Cardiff’s rich and varied architecture has doubled for London, futuristic hospitals and more.

As part of our Your Cardiff series of blog posts, we ask visitors to the city what makes Cardiff great. Browse the whole series here