As part of the Your Cardiff series of blog posts, we ask people in the city what makes Cardiff great for them.

Ella is from Mauritius. We didn’t risk asking her if she preferred the weather in Cardiff to Mauritius, but we did ask what she loves about Cardiff.

“I recently came to Cardiff to study. I love everything about the city except maybe the weather sometimes”.  There goes the weather – but whilst Cardiff can compete with the best of places, we’ll admit our sunshine isn’t quite up to Indian Ocean standards. But what about the sights?

“My favourite place here is the Bute Park”, Ella beamed at us.

And what a favourite place to have. City parks are nothing new, but Cardiff really has something special with Bute Park. We could describe Bute as 130 acres of beautiful green space with a nationally-significant range of trees, but it doesn’t do it justice. New York has Central, and we have Bute – from picnic spots and great jogs, to windy paths, hidden secrets and that countryside-in-the-city feel. The adventure continues with Bute Park joining up with Cardiff Castle and a pit-stop of tea and cake at Pettigrew Tea Room.

Bute is the green heart of Cardiff, and we love it as much as Ella. We know you will too.

As part of our Your Cardiff series of blog posts, we ask visitors to the city what makes Cardiff great. Browse the whole series here