As part of the Your Cardiff series of blog posts, we ask people in the city what makes Cardiff great for them.

Yu Wei Sun chose Cardiff for study, heading here from Jilin in China, and then… she discovered the shopping.

“There are so many nice stores. I love shopping here!” Yu Wei Sun told us. “The food is delicious too, and I enjoy Bute Park and Cardiff Bay”.

Shopping is fun and rewarding, but what makes it better is being able to stop for food, a coffee or a drink before you head back out. Cardiff has a range of great places to shop, from St Davids Dewi Sant, one of the UK’s largest, brightest and varied indoor shopping centres, through to our Edwardian and Victorian covered shopping arcades.

When you’re done shopping, eating and drinking, follow Yu Wei Sun’s example and head to Bute Park or Cardiff Bay to relax – both really near everything else, in a way that Cardiff does so very well.

As part of our Your Cardiff series of blog posts, we ask visitors to the city what makes Cardiff great. Browse the whole series here