Proud to be Welsh. Proud to be family owned. A lot has changed since 1882 but our values remain the same.


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Family owned since 1882, a grand total of 8 members of the Brain family have guided the company through tumultuous times – this includes two World Wars; the threat of prohibition and difficult economic climates!

Throughout our history, Brains has expanded far beyond a small Cardiff Brewery into a leading Welsh business and the iconic ‘pint of Wales.’ Each Chairman has left their mark on the company whilst following Samuel Arthur Brain’s principles of passion and pride.  John Rhys is our current Chairman.

It takes 45,000 barrels of beer, 2,000 Brains’ legends, 220 pubs and 150 beers to make us Wales’ best loved brand.

With so many to choose from, we’re sure we’ve got the perfect beer for you.

The Classics

From Brains Bitter, first brewed in 1882, to Brains Black brewed in 2010, our family of beers are as diverse as they are drinkable.

The Rev James

Brewed in honour of the Reverend James Buckley, a Methodist Minister and Brewer of fine ales, our Rev. James trilogy will save your soul and satisfy your thirst.

Seasonal Ales

Every month is different so we’ve created perfect seasonal cask ale for each one. But they don’t hang around for long.

Brains Craft Beer

Since 2012 we’ve produced over 100 craft beers with many adventurous flavour combinations. See what’s currently available.

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